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The Best Handloom Sarees, the Heritage of Incredible India

Handloom sarees are made of handwoven fabrics using the device loom. The story of handloom sarees in West Bengal and Bangladesh begins in antiquity. The historians have excavated woven and dyed cotton fabrics in the ruins of Mohenjo Daro and Egypt. The handloom industry survived for centuries including the tumultuous period of British Colonisation and unsurprisingly 95% of the world's handloom fabrics are now produced in India. The skillful crafts of the weavers of India and its rich heritage make handloom stand out from the others.

ReshamSuti has the most extensive collection to buy handloom sarees online for its customers. Here you can buy designer sarees online of all types – traditional, ethnic as well as modern. If you are looking for a saree to wear on a special occasion, trust me, our buy designer sarees online will make it even more special. Having the largest collection to buy cotton sarees online, we already cater to a lion’s share of online customers in India through multiple possibilities. Our customers have an abundance of choices when accessing fashion sarees online in terms of design, colour and quality of fabric that are available in different price ranges making it affordable for a large number of online customers available in India.

Handloom Cotton Sarees: Handloom cotton is woven in hand by the weavers. Compared to power-loom sarees, handlooms have a soft texture and one can easily feel its softness & its malleability while wearing it. If you are looking for 100% handloom sarees, buy cotton sarees online at ReshamSuti.

Jamdani Designer Sarees: Jamdani is a finely textured cotton fabric most designed in vivid pattern and traditionally oven in a handloom. It embodies the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh. Avail of the most premium collection of Bangladeshi Jamdani at ReshamSuti and be part of this special tradition.

Begumpuri Saree: Begumpur is a small town in Hooghly district of West Bengal. And its Begumpuri sarees are characterised by light-weight, loosely woven, translucent made fabrics having contrasting borders. ReshamSuti brings to you the best handpicked collection of Begumpuri sarees through buy designer sarees online.


How Many Types of Sarees Available Here?

Here we have the largest collection of traditional and modern sarees of different varieties. Among which Maslin Jamdani, Matka Shibori Maslin Jamdani, Begumpuri, Cotton Katki 3D, Cotton Manipuri Matha, Matka Shibori, Khadi Than, etc. deserves special mention.

What Does Designer Saree Mean?

Designer sarees are made of the most luxurious materials like Fabrics like Tussar silk, Banarasi silk, Dupion silk, muslin, etc. A designer saree generally has more embellishment like embroidery, stonework, pearl work, zari etc. To buy a fashion saree online, log in to ReshamSuti.

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